Located at Franklinton Middle School

The United Way of Franklin County,  Franklin County School District, and the Boys & Girls Club have collaborated to create an Innovation STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math)  lab to invest in the future of our children and our community.  The  Lab is housed at Franklinton Middle School and is available to the entire school district and community as a destination for learning.  We have completed the initial stages of the up fit of the lab with many donations from the community and an outpouring of volunteer support. 

This lab will provide opportunities for self-directed teaching and learning for youth and adults.  This resource will provide a safe and stable environment for those who need a structured learning atmosphere and may struggle in traditional learning environments.  The lab will enable our children to explore the sciences, technology, engineering, art and math in an environment that promotes innovation and creativity. This  Lab will act as a catalyst for future education and entrepreneurship in Franklin County.   This lab will excite minds with creativity; encouraging new and non-traditional teaching techniques that support impulsiveness done right.  We will offer musical instruments to create sound vibrations and communication with sound energy.  We will provide interactive learning spaces to explore the anatomy of the mind and body.  We expect to build a program that will enable Franklin County to be a full participant in the growth and success of our society.

We will offer this Lab for regional use to outside groups and other schools and the United Way of Franklin County has committed to work with the Boys & Girls club as well as the schools to offer summer opportunities as well.    Additionally, partnerships with regional businesses and industry are planned which will influence the curriculum to give students real world experience.  

We need to increase reading proficiency, math proficiency, science proficiency and the interest in learning.  Education is the only way out of poverty.  We must understand why we are here.  We want to educate our children and look forward to our partnership with you and others in the community to make this happen. 

Many members of the community have donated time, energy and materials to making this possible.  

Here's a list of some of our items available to explore: Cue robots, a Cricut Machine, KEVA planks,  Sphero Minis, Snap Circuits,  Makey-Makey, Prusa 3d printer,  MicroEye and Microscopes, a Mars Map, green screen, Lenovo VR headsets, many art supplies, and other activities that involve STEAM knowledge and education.  


Thank you to the following companies and partners who have donated materials for the upfit alone:


NOW HERE'S WHAT WE NEED FROM YOU:  Please consider donating the following items, not just today but for months to come.  These items will be an amazing addition to the STEAM lab and will help each child experiment and learn in the future.

Used Ipads and Iphones

Pegboard and pegs

Aluminum foil and plastic bags

Balls of various sizes (ping pong, tennis, marbles, etc.)


Battery-operated tea lights or glow sticks

Bottle caps


plastic bins, cardboard boxes

Cotton balls

Craft sticks, glue

Dry erase markers, and wipes to remove


Glue guns & glue sticks

An Energee charging Station

Hot Wheel cars or other cars

Ice cube trays


Magnifying glasses

Digital Microscopes

Model rocket kit


Pan balances

Potters Wheel and clay


Pipe cleaners

Plastic bottles

Plastic cups



Popsicle sticks

Rubber bands




tapes, painters, masking


Tools such as drills, hammers and nails

Please drop these items off at the following locations:

  •  Franklinton Middle School 

  •  The United Way of Franklin County

THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP!!  We look forward in creating great minds for the future!!